My uncharted life

If you're like me, there is something in you that demands that you see more than what's within the 4 walls you call home or even on the continent where you live. Wanderlust, they call it.  Wanderlust attracts people that dare to go after the life they've always dreamed. Individuals who want the ability to meet new people, experience new places, and appreciate the differences and benefits of what other cultures can teach and show us. I started traveling very young. I started my domestic travels at Virginia Beach at 9 months old and my international travels in Scotland at 2 1/2 years old. Nothing was (and still is) more exciting than getting on an airplane. I travel as much as I can on as little as I can. I want the world to teach me all it can from all angles and perspectives. This little corner of the internet can take you places. I created this wandering tribe for those like-minded travelers who love sharing life experiences but aren't sure where to start. Well, the starting line is here.

I currently live in Columbia, SC.  It's an ideal combination of city conveniences, history, and old Southern charm. Not to mention excellent access to an airport....  

Rachael’s raw and honest storytelling of her life and travels makes this blog a gem among cookie cutter travel blogs.

--  Nicholas Cummings of      


Thank you so much Rachael for your wonderful posts about Charleston! You’re insight made our own trip truly memorable.
— Susan Gummell
I’m not a frequent traveler but I truly enjoy your posts. I am inspired by your openness and your journey.
— William Harsch
I just wanted to write and tell you how much I enjoyed “A Journey Begins.” I forget exactly how I came upon it, but I did. Anyway,excellent job!
— Rodney Stevens